Lords Valley

Aaron Douce, Pete Johnson, A.C. Stark

A Few Words From Pete…

Hello people of WordPress and fellow internet dwellers.

What can I say? Lords Valley are really starting to push on now. After two back-to-back sessions, we’ve got two new songs and plenty more ideas yet to reach fruition.¬†With each new song, we’re pushing the boundaries of our sound and developing our songwriting prowess. This is the best music I’ve ever been part of and I can’t wait to be able to fully share it with you guys.

As a present for people’s patience, we have a gift for you. Here’s a couple of teasers for our latest tunes called ‘Throw It Over Your Head’ and ‘Wrap It Around’.

If you’re wondering, there’s plenty of sexy vocals in our tracks (as well as guitar solos!), but you’ll have to wait a little longer before we share it all with you ūüėČ.

Peace out!



Almost at the Half Dozen

Holidays, new jobs and other creative ventures means that we¬†didn’t see much of each other in¬†August. We’re making up for that soon, though, with five sessions locked in between now and mid-October. That’s¬†when the big decisions are being made – recording dates, studios, producers, Spotify release, the possibility of gigging, etc. etc…

Having said that, we¬†managed to nail another two songs on Friday, the first of which is an absolute belter! (listen to our sample to catch a snippet!) So¬†that’s 5 songs in the bag so far. It’s not going to be easy, deciding which songs to take in the studio.¬†Maybe we’ll record them all,¬†who knows?

Third Session

Having got three songs already in the bag, last night we started on song no.4. We’re so excited about it that we thought we’d share just a tiny sample with you. How lucky you are. The best bits we’re keeping to our selves… for now at least.

Work is Well Underway!

It’s not taking us long to come up with new and exciting material. And this has got to be some of the catchiest stuff we’ve ever produced. With only a few weeks left before we return to the practice rooms, we’ve already got one tune down and many more ideas are bouncing back and forth over the Box cloud. The difficulty now is deciding what from the catalogue will make the final cut. Though, we’ll save that one for another day.



This Has Been Brewing For Too Long!

Finally, we’ve decided to get some dates in the calendar. We’re feeling ambitious. This summer we’re hoping¬†to create something¬†somewhat¬†special (so special in fact that,¬†according to Pete, it might just, ‘release awesomeness into the atmosphere’). With four off-the-cuff sessions being followed by some sort of studio time, we might just produce something¬†worthy of being called a ‘demo’.

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